Louisiana stock footage

2736 old river control structure aerial video close up

2736 old river control structure aerial video close up

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Tech specs. 23.98 fps 1920 X 1080 pixels

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The beginning of the Atchafalaya river. This is where the Mississippi river empties into Atchafalaya basin. Army corps of engineers built this structure to prevent Mississippi river from changing course into Atchafalaya basin. Atchafalaya stock footage. Atchafalaya basin, Atchafalaya river, Mississippi river stock footage, Atchafalaya basin stock footage, Louisiana wetlands, Atchafalaya basin swamp, Atchafalaya video footage, Mississippi river stock video, Atchafalaya basin swamp tours, stock footage, Mississippi river diversion, swamp tours, Atchafalaya national heritage area, army corps of engineers, flood control structure, army corps, video

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